In the end of September 2013, I was finishing a month of travel and heavy eating that had wreaked havoc on my body and my digestive system. I had always had problems with my digestive health, but at this point I was feeling the worst I had felt in a long time. I tried the Got Green Drinks juice cleanse along with colon cleanse pills hoping that I would be able to regulate my system; lifting the ‘haze’ I was feeling.

After just the first day of drinking the juices, I felt immensely better. Not only did the juices taste absolutely delicious, I could feel them energizing my body and clearing the ‘haze’ I has been feeling for a few weeks. I slept better than I had in longer than I could remember, had the energy to last throughout my workday without crashing, and felt my sugar and salt cravings diminishing.

The best part was the juices along with the pills were extremely effective in regulating my digestive system, but they did so in a gentle and easily manageable way. After I completed the four-day juice cleanse, I felt better than I had in a very, very long time. I plan on ordering another cleanse again so I can continue feeling great!

Kelly Lopez

As an avid cleanser over the past few years, I highly recommend Got Green Drinks? as it truly works! This was the first cleanse in which all of the drinks really taste great leaving me without craving other foods.

Most important are the immediate results which were far more apparent than with other cleanses. Some results include greater clarity, increased energy, improved mood, heightened senses and weight loss! Now, I look forward to my cleanses. You will too!

Sonny Bains

I just finished my second Got Green Drinks? Cleanse and feel amazing! I’m re-energized and, once again, lost a few pounds which is exciting.

Two features I love is fast shipping and that each label tells me each nutrient I am putting in my body. The juices are wonderfully refreshing which is especially welcome because I live in a very hot climate.

The results exceeded my every expectation. I can’t recommend Got Green Drinks? Enough. Do your body a favor and try it!

Pam Bain Souza

I recently finished the 4-day juice cleanse from Got Green Drinks? And can honestly say I would thoroughly recommend it.

Right from the first juice, I began to feel brighter and fresher. I was amazed at how I did not feel hungry even on the first day. I actually looked forward to each juice. By the end of the 4th day I felt incredible. Lighter of course, but more relaxed and full of energy. My friends noticed the difference in my aspect also.

Throughout the entire process Catherine, the creator and head of the company, would check in and encourage me constantly. It was wonderful.

To anyone thinking of doing this cleanse, stop thinking and just do it!

Karen Rosenbaum

Got Green Drinks? juice cleanse was the second juice cleanse I have ever tried and was a much better experience than the first. The juices were all delicious and I never became hungry throughout the day. In fact, I actually had a hard time finishing the final juice each night because I was full and satisfied. Overall, I lost about 6 lbs over those 4 days and, most importantly, the high energy I had during the cleanse is still present. I no longer hit the 3pm slowdown I had become accustom to and have been sleeping better than ever!

I recommend this cleanse to anyone wanting to make a change for the better in themselves. THANK YOU!

Sarah Quinn

I just completed the 4-day cleanse and feel GREAT! This was my first cleanse and I was nervous, but not anymore. Catherine was right by my side checking in on me multiple times a day and available to answer any questions. I feel energized and focused.

I even lost 4 pounds!

My cravings for carbs and sweets are gone. The juices are all delicious and the flavors are set up perfectly as you go through the day. I especially love the first and last one of the day.

I would recommend this cleanse to anyone and look forward to trying all the juices from Got Green Drinks? Thanks sooooo much!

Jenny Cozad Jenike

I tried the Got Green Drinks? 4-day cleanse and was a little doubtful on what kind of results I would get. I spoke with the owner, Catherine, and she was a huge help from the beginning. She checked up on my daily and if I had a question or concern she would respond quickly.

I am diabetic so controlling my sugar level was key. My sugar level was stable through the entire process. I felt great every day and had the energy to workout twice daily.

I truly recommend these juices to my friends and family. The drinks taste great. My favorite was the last drink of the day. It was really good.

My weight was 211 when I started. After the cleanse, I was down to 200. I am excited about where I am at in my weight loss goals and look forward to continuing the process. Great product. Great service.


Got Green Drinks? was my third cleanse and the best by far! I was miserable on the others but this one gave me energy and filled me up. I lost 4 lbs and have been able to keep it off. It definitely decreased my appetite and helped cure sugar cravings.

I highly recommend it and plan to do it again!

I continued to train during the cleanse and Catherine, the owner, was very helpful by telling me what I could add to my diet to ensure I was getting enough protein. She was always available to give advice and encouragement. You will crave these drinks when you are done so there are options to order more to use as meal replacements.

Stop making excuses and just do it. You won’t regret it.

Stacy Davis

Got Green Drinks? was my first juice cleanse and it couldn’t have been a better experience! Prior to ordering, I was able to email with the owner, Catherine, and ask questions about the process. I’m an athlete and workout everyday, so I was worried about my energy levels throughout the cleanse. Catherine gave me helpful options in order to maintain my active lifestyle while juicing.

The juices all tasted great and, to my surprise, were very filling. Catherine checked in frequently to see how I was feeling. She provided continual support and motivation throughout the process and was quick to respond to any questions I had.

I felt great after day one of the cleanse and continued to feel more energetic and lighter as the days progressed. I even found myself craving the drinks the following few days after the cleanse!

Thank you to Catherine and Got Green Drinks? for such a wonderful first cleanse experience! I will definitely be a repeat cleanser and customer!

Amber Glende