The thought of going on a juice cleanse for one, three or even five days can be extremely daunting. The body needs food to function – just like a car needs gas.

What’s amazing about juicing however is that you’re still getting fuel for your body. We understand the apprehension to doing a juice cleanse – so we’ve listed a few awesome benefits to help get you motivated.

Give Your Digestive System a Break

Lose Weight

Detoxify Your Body

Get a Nutrient Overload


About Catherine

I’ve been working in health and wellness for over 17 years, having started my career in the corporate wellness and training industry. I was also a personal trainer. In my own journey, I’ve been dedicated to not only being healthy, but staying healthy, because I know how much better I feel when I eat well and take care of myself every day.

My transition into the juicing business started as a simple result of me not being able to find any cold-pressed juices that tasted good. While I was trying to shop for a delicious organic cold-pressed juice, I couldn’t find anything I liked (and I’m not that picky). Knowing myself, I understood that having juices I liked was the key to success with my new healthy habit. If I didn’t enjoy the taste, I wasn’t going to stay with it, even if I knew it was good for me.