Master Cleanse Expert

Catherine’s Story

I’ve been working in health and wellness over 25 years, having started my career in the corporate wellness and training industry. I was also a personal trainer. In my own journey, I’ve been dedicated to not only being healthy, but staying healthy, because I know how much better I feel when I eat well and take care of myself every day.

My transition into the juicing business started as a simple result of me not being able to find any cold-pressed juices that tasted good. While I was trying to shop for a delicious organic cold-pressed juice, I couldn’t find anything I liked (and I’m not that picky). Knowing myself, I understood that having juices I liked was the key to success with my new healthy habit. If I didn’t enjoy the taste, I wasn’t going to stay with it, even if I knew it was good for me.

I ended up buying a cold-pressed juicer for my kitchen at home and started experimenting with different organic ingredients. I only ever thought I was making recipes for myself, yet they turned out so good that I would share the results with friends and family on social media. What happened next was completely unexpected. My friends literally went crazy. Everyone wanted my juices! The next step came naturally from all the buzz that had been created: Why don’t I try selling a few cleanses and see what happens?

From there, everything happened really fast. People were literally showing up at my front door to buy my cleanses and daily juices! I couldn’t believe it! All of my friends from years past had followed my wellness career and already trusted I knew nutrition. They had 100% confidence in me and knew that my fresh juices were going to be the best juices for their health. And since the juices tasted so good too, everyone came back for more!

Orders kept coming and coming and I knew I had to either move my new small business into a commercial kitchen and make it legit or stop it all together. Obviously I went with the green light! I started using local farmers’ markets as my weekly storefronts to get the community more aware of my product. In just the second year of business, my juices were in over 13 farmers’ markets and my company grew over 400%. I now have a commercial kitchen in Laguna Niguel, California and a team of wonderful staff helping to manufacture juices fresh daily. We also ship nationwide, with juices made fresh, shipped frozen and arriving frozen on delivery. My goal is to see everyone experiencing the health benefits of my juice recipes, no matter where they live.

The juices I’ve created are simply the best tasting cold-pressed juices on the market today. I want you to experience my amazing cold-pressed juices right in the comfort of your own home. The fact that we can flash freeze our juice at the peak of nutrition and they last for up to one year in the freezer is so exciting. The added convenience of being able to store them in your freezer means you can fit juicing into your schedule, no matter how busy you are.

Your success is important to me. Email me directly to find out what cleanse package or daily juices are right for you and your health goals. I personally respond to every message and phone call.

Your Juice Expert,