Boutique Restaurants: Premium Cocktail Mixers

“Bring the best to the best with our ultra-premium, handcrafted cocktail mixers made from real fruit and vegetable blends. One spirit, unparalleled quality—guaranteed to elevate your offerings, attract the elite, and boost your profits. This is your moment to stand out and captivate the most discerning palates.”  ~ Catherine, Owner & Mixologist 

Handcrafted Blends and Premier Quality: Our juices are meticulously handcrafted by the owner, Catherine herself, ensuring each blend delivers exceptional taste and quality.
Simple Mixology:Create stunning cocktails with just ONE spirit – perfect for efficient bar service without compromising on flavor.
Exclusive Offerings:
Got pH Balance?: Elevate your menu with a refreshing Pink Lemon Drop  Martini that outperforms any local competition; simply add vodka.e
Got Energy?: Craft a vibrant fresh Pineapple Martini with vodka or a tropical Malibu-Rum inspired drink on the rocks.
Got Flush?: Delight patrons with a fresh sweet and spicy Lemon Margarita; just add tequila and serve on the rocks.
Got Blood Orange?: Don’t miss our signature Blood Orange, using blood oranges sourced from three distinct regions for a unique blend.

Offer a true handcrafted, luxurious cocktail experience with our premium juice blends.
Sampling Opportunities: Schedule a complimentary tasting session to discover the exceptional quality and versatility of our juices. 
Direct Support: Contact the owner, Catherine directly to discuss your needs, schedule samplings and place orders:
Phone: 714-319-1060 (Preferred for immediate inquiries. Text welcomed.)
Act Now: Reach out today to secure your  blends and elevate your cocktail offerings with our premium cold-pressed juices.