Benefits of a Juice Diet

There are many reasons to start aJuice Diet. It can prevent future diseases from cardiovascular disease to diabetis. It can also help you lose weight with aJuice Cleanse.The thought of going on a juice cleanse for one, three or even five days can be extremely daunting. The body needs food to function – just like a car needs gas. What’s amazing about juicing however is that you’re still getting fuel for your body. We understand the apprehension to doing a juice cleanse – so we’ve listed a few awesome benefits to help get you motivated.

  • Give your digestive system a break

    On a Got Green Drinks Cleanse, you can still eat! But you’re going to be drinking most of your nutrients, and that will give your digestive system a rest. Although we do believe that fiber is extremely beneficial, the point of a juice cleanse is not to up your fiber intake.
    Drinking nutrients offers great benefits, including giving your digestive system a break. A cleanse gives your digestive system a little vacation. Your body will then function at its highest capacity when you add that awesome fiber back into your diet. By eating a small amount of protein during your cleanse – you can stave off hunger pains and headaches.

  • Detoxify Your Body

    We are not here to judge anyone sipping on a glass of red. Anything in balance is great! That being said, your liver may be asking for a little respite. If you’re like the typical American, your liver may be working overtime to rid your body of toxins and chemicals. A juice cleanse acts as an immune system detox, which allows the body to reboot and start functioning at its highest capacity.

    During a juice cleanse, you are literally cleaning out your liver and allowing it – not unlike your digestive system- to get back on track. Your liver plays an integral role in regulating your metabolism as well, so you may get a little kick and lose extra weight! Bonus!

  • Lose Weight with a Juice Cleanse

    This is a big one for many who take on a juice cleanse. Many people who commit to a juice cleanse lose weight in only a couple days. This is because your system immediately absorbs all those micronutrients, and they serve as little pipe cleaners for your colon.

    The typical American is holding onto about 5 lbs of waste in their colon. In some cases, that can reach 20 lbs, it all depends on your diet and digestive health. You will likely become good friends with the bathroom on your juice cleanse – but think of it as Spring cleaning

  • Get A Nutrient Overload

    Something that a lot of people don’t realize is the sheer amount of micronutrients you’re consuming when you juice. Think about it this way; there is usually about 6 lbs of organic produce in one 16oz juice, all of those nutrients are being consumed in a few big gulps.

    During a juice cleanse, you’re inundating your body with the most beneficial nutrients on the planet in what would take you a few days to eat. Juicing allows you to flush your body with the nutrients it needs to function, so it’s basically pressing the restart button on your health.

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